Learning Solution Officer


Job Requirements:

  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree, in Human Resource Management, Psychology, or equivalent.
  • At least 3 years of working experience in the related field
  • Have the experience to develop curriculum and training program
  • Have good communication, analytical, negotiation, & presentation skills.

Job Descriptions:

  • Participate in Collaboration between BCL&D‘s Head of School and other parties to ensure the learning system in BINUS.
  • Ensure the development of Curriculum for related particular BCL&D School.
  • Ensure both Learning Program & Learning Course align with the organization’s needs.
  • Assist in developing a strategic plan to ensure that both Learning Program & Learning Course is able to execute.
  • Build relationships with vendors (module developer and subject matter expert) to develop training material.
  • Build relationships with the vendor (trainer/speaker/Instructor/facilitator) to implement the training program.
  • Promote collaboration, partnership, and relationship among the parties (Head of School, Subject Matter Expert, Module Developer, Instructor/Facilitator, and Operation) who are involved in the learning solution project.
  • Provide a reliable foundation to build effective learning.
  • Provide applicable solutions of learning in order to improve business performance.
  • Maintaining a good quality of learning material is developed and well designed.
  • Ensure the achievement of the learning purpose by developing the learning measurement framework.
  • Support in Research & Innovation related Learning & Training


or send your CV to recruitment@binus.edu