People Innovation Excellence


Colm O’Mahony

MS/HS - Subject Teacher (English)
BINUS offers teachers an opportunity to work in a dynamic, challenging environment where creativity, team work, and innovation are highly valued. The company en Read more >

Patrick John Laughlin

PP Coord. & MYP Subject Teacher/English
As an Expatriate working in Indonesia, for many years, I find that working at BINUS is an enjoyable experience, that has not only improved my standard of teachi Read more >

Angela Catherine Kilbane

MYP Head/Humanities
I have worked at BINUS School Simprug for the past two years, and can say with certainty that I have benefitted both professionally and personally from this exp Read more >

Sherrie B. Garcia

MS/HS Principal
I would like to extend a warm greeting to my fellow educators who have made Indonesia as a second home, similar to myself.  Likewise, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong has Read more >