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Stewart James Spiessens – Divers

Stewart James Spiessens – Divers

MS/HS - Subject Teacher (English)

I have been at Binus Serpong for two years now, and in that time I have definitely grown as a teacher. Binus has challenged me to become an expert in the assessment procedures of the Cambridge system and ensure that students are ready to face these challenges. At the same time I have also been given the space to adapt materials to create fun and engaging lessons which lead to visible improvements in the skills of my students.

The students at Binus are respectful and driven to succeed, which makes my time in the classroom the best part of my job. In addition, many of the students have been at Binus for many years. This consistency means that, as a teacher, you can build long-lasting relationships with students as you watch them progress towards graduation.

For anyone who is serious about progressing as a teacher, and is willing to work hard to see the fruits of their labour, I would recommend Binus as a place to work.