London International Youth Science Forum 2012

On 16th – 30th August 2012, the six of us, representing BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong accompanied by Ms. Tya, went to the 54th London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF), which was held in Imperial College London, South Kensington. The forum had around 350 participants from 50 countries joining the lectures and various activities led by professors and leading scientists. This year, the forum had “The Human Planet” as the theme. The delegates were introduced to the latest inventions and advanced knowledge in science. At the same time they had interactive discussions with fellow students on environmental problems and how to solve these problems taking into consideration every aspect of the community namely social, economics, and politics.

This forum provided a platform for the future generation to gather and become a united community. This taught us how to exchange and communicate our ideas well and explore our very own capabilities of becoming contributors for a better future.

Ancilla Dennise-Aurelia Alessandra-Feydrea Vialista-Ivan Rangga-Janita Prillia-Karina Sarah