Message from The Board of Management


As we sit around the meeting room today, some files on the upcoming plans for BINA NUSANTARA opened in front of us, we came to realize, what a journey we’ve had. From a small computer course, BINA NUSANTARA is now a prominent education institution, providing educations from Pre-School to Doctoral Program. Sheer passion and commitment on educating minds has proven to be able to lead us into the today’s BINA NUSANTARA.

Fourty Two Years of Fostering & Empowering, BINA NUSANTARA has dedicated innumerable positive contributions to Indonesia. Numerous BINA NUSANTARA’s students, known as BINUSIANS, have proven their ability in becoming the best in their chosen field, winning awards and competitions in national and international level. Hard work, dedication, and tireless efforts of not only students, but also lecturers and staffs have led BINA NUSANTARA towards its grandness today.

In the spirit of the new vision of BINUS 2035, we managed to form strategic alliances with leading institutions in the world, A World-Class Knowledge Institution, Fostering and Empowering the Society in Building and Serving the Nation.

As a future plan in 2024, BINA NUSANTARA will build BINUS every city in Indonesia.

We also realize that we are a part of the community. As a result, BINA NUSANTARA is implementing a program to give back to the community, called “Teach for Indonesia” & “Community Development” Through this program, we hope to be able to improve our country’s education quality, as well as educate more young minds. This program is run under collaboration with government, business, and community enterprises.

The dream on becoming “A World-Class Knowledge Institution” goes on, and we would like to encourage us all to take place in pursuing this dream. Let us put more dedication and determination in providing a learning experience that encourage innovation and quality of life.

In conclusion, we would like to thank you everyone who is involved in achieving the vision of BINUS 20/20. Come together we do our best to achieve a new vision of BINUS 2035. Let everyone of us as members of the BINA NUSANTARA family support each other to help BINA NUSANTARA to lead Indonesia to a better future.

Board of Management BINA NUSANTARA Group