Amit Laroya, Improving The Company’s Quality by Innovation in Technology

Keep on innovating. This is the key element for PT. 3M Indonesia in order to maintain their presence and continue to strive in the industry. President Director of PT. 3M Indonesia, Amit Laroya, revealed this on the CEO Speaks On Innovation. The event was held at The Joseph Wibowo Center for Advanced Learning, Senayan, South Jakarta, Wednesday (19/9).

Moreover, Amit said that innovation can come up in many different forms. Some of them are technology, business model, human capital, global network and many others. “Over time, 3M has developed more than 37 technology platforms… Enough to create its own periodic table,” Amit said.

With Amit, who has international-scaled competence, as the leader, 3M Indonesia is becoming a well-known name in international world. 3M has several notable innovations so far. Meanwhile, in the education world, they have the Smart Vehicle or Gerobak Pintar. The vehicle is home to 180 books and it travels to several places every Saturday, urging the children to read more books.

Amit Laroya has been working in the industry for the past 22 years, in India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Amit successfully led two acquisitions in telecommunication industry and regional electricity, including integration and integrated operations.

He is also an expert in cultural change management and operational improvement process (Six Sigma Master Black Belt). Amit has also received seven Pathfinder International Awards for applications of new products.

The innovations of 3M Indonesia continue to inspire young entrepreneurs who are now developing their innovations and moving towards the global market. The growth of a company is highly related to the CEO’s leadership style, with the corporate culture to anticipate changes, improve innovations and maximize resources.