BIPEDS – ABP 2012: Where the Great Debaters of Asia Gather

BINUS INTERNATIONAL Pool of English Debators (BIPEDS) organized the Asian British Parliamentary (ABP) 2012. The event, which took place from October 22-29, 2012, was held at The Joseph Wibowo Center Campus, Senayan, South Jakarta. 76 teams and 240 participants from Malaysia, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Korea, Hong Kong, UAE, India, Singapore, Filipina and Indonesia gathered here.

The annual debate event took various themes, such as politics, social, economy, culture and law. All the topics were discussed by four adjudication cores. It is a reputable debate event in Asia and in the event the participants were also trained to compete in the world-level event known as WUDC (World University Debating Championship).

“ABP is not a preliminary event for WUDC but this is where we can improve our debate skills, public speaking skills and organizational skills,” explained the Vice Project Leader BIPEDS-ABP, Caroline Herlina.

This is the fourth ABP. The first ABP was organized at Thailand, the second at Malaysia and last year’s ABP was organized at Bangladesh.