Senna Noor, The BINUSIAN Who Makes Indonesians Proud

A student from International Business, BINUS INTERNATIONAL, has been crowned as the Champion of Formula 125 Senior Open Category on the Asian Karting Open Championship (AKOC) 2012. The freshman managed to collect the highest point, until the fourth and fifth series in the Go-kart Circuit of Sentul, December 15-16, 2012.

In addition to the trophy, the driver from Riser Java Shadaff Motorsport team also managed to be the only go-kart driver who had the chance to drive a Formula car in the Formula Masters Free Test-Day held in China, as the ultimate prize.

Even though he didn’t participate in AKOC 2012 since the first series, Senna’s consistency and hard work on the next series are his key to success in AKOC 2012. The venue on Sentul also presented an advantage because he knows exactly the character of the circuit.

Before this event, Senna also became the only flag carrier for Indonesia who finished on the Grand Finals of Rotat Max Challenge, Portimao, Portugal, in early December. There were 70 participants from Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and India.

Senna Noor and the Racing World

To BULETiN, Senna mentions how he first started in the racing world. The light-skinned young man says that at first, he has no passion in the world of go-kart. However, after spending some time learning about go-kart, accompanied by his father, he started to fall in love.

“I love to race. I can feel my adrenaline running, especially considering that go-kart is an open-wheel sport,” he says.

Then, has Senna ever felt scared when he’s racing? “Of course. In the old days, I am always nervous especially a few moments before the start. However, I always try to calm myself and get through every obstacle,” he adds.

He admits that he needs a long preparation to be where he is now. He has his own routine programs, including physical training and diet. “I need to stay fit because I have to be tough, strong and physically ready,” he says.

To other BINUSIAN, Senna reminds them that go-kart is a sport with high risks. A person with no basic skill in go-kart should be accompanied by experts. “They need to train themselves and they need to know about go-kart. In this sport, we need to be focused all the time and we also need to stay fit. Because the risks are high, we can lose our lives,” he says.