It’s Time for the Local Indonesian Retail Industry: Local Go Global!

A.S.Louken (Branding and Franchising Consultant), which is based in Singapore, collaborated with Ebeltoft Group in organizing a seminar titled ‘Retail Trends 2013: Learning to Apply Cutting Edge Retail Trends’ on Monday, March 25, 2013 at Mercantile Athletic Club – Jakarta.

The seminar, which was formulated in the form of interactive dialog, was attended by international experts with an extensive experience in retail business, cooperating with successful retail entrepreneurs in Jakarta, such as Konicare, Columbia, Excelso, Bina Nusantara, Alleira Batik, Pancious and many others. In addition, in the seminar there was also the Keynote Speaker: Pudjianto, the Chairman of Association of Indonesian Retailers (Aprindo), who discussed Retail Trends in Indonesia. Other speakers include: Monica Lucas, Director of Pragma Consulting from England (presenting Emerging Strategies for Retail Business Internalization); Cedric Ducrocq, CEO of Dia-Mart from France (discussing The Future of Cross Channel in E-Commerce); and Luke Lim, CEO of A.S Louken from Singapore (presenting Retail Innovation Trends from Around the Globe).

The purpose of this international-scaled seminar is to support the players in the retail business in Indonesia to know more about the hopes and needs of their consumers. The participants were asked to identify the trend of retail business innovations around the world, including how to utilize Cross-Channel through E-commerce in the future, and how to create the right strategy to bring their retail business to international level. The seminar provided practical steps on how to take advantage from the latest trends, and how to translate them as we continue to develop our business approach.

“The paradigm of the pattern of retail business in Indonesia needs to be changed. Our target is to bring the brand and retail business of Indonesia to be Local Go Global for the next few years. The retail business in Indonesia needs to grow and develop into something more than just for the domestic market. We believe this is possible because Indonesia has a huge growth potential for the retail business. That’s why we hope the retail business in Indonesia can come up as the winner not only in local market but also the global market. At the moment Indonesia has a lot of leading products, such as food, garment, education, and other products. However, local brands rarely succeed when they expand to other countries. What A.S Louken is doing shows their commitment to support retail business in Indonesia,” explained Danny Anthonius, Country Manager of A.S. Louken Indonesia. (KD/HS)