Volley Ball

Theme/ Tag line : Serve ‘em Up, then slam ‘em down

Procedures of Registration :

  1. Participants/ Member of a team are employees and outsources BINUS
  2. Maximum person in One Team is 12 persons and minimum is 6 persons to be registered.

–          Men’s Volley : 8 persons

–          Women’s Volley : 4 Persons

  1. For the outsources employees, one team maximum is 2 outsources employees.
  2. PIC have right to validity of the participants
  3. Participants are required to use polite and same clothes as a team (training pants and t-shirt)
  4. Every team need to be ready 30 minutes before the match start.
  5. If every team come late more than 30 minutes from the schedule without any confirmation then that team will be lose out automatically.


Registration Close : 9 September 2013

Technical Meeting : 10 September 2013

Timetable :


12-19 Sept : Babak Penyisihan Grup Putra
12-19 Sept : Pertandingan Putri
20-Sep : Semi final Putra
23-Sep : Perebutan tempat 3 Putra
23-Sep : Babak Final Putra

Ø  Putra

A1 IT – Directorate 2 (Flash)
A2 Human Capital
A3 Roda Gila
A4 Finance
Pool A
12-Sep IT – Directorate 2 (Flash) vs Human Capital Game 3
13-Sep Roda Gila vs Finance Game 4
16-Sep IT – Directorate 2 (Flash) vs Roda Gila Game 2
17-Sep Human Capital vs Finance Game 3
18-Sep IT – Directorate 2 (Flash) vs Finance Game 2
19-Sep Human Capital vs Roda Gila Game 3
B1 IT – Directorate 1 (I-Tone)
B2 Serpong
B3 BM – Syahdan
B4 Square
Pool B
12-Sep IT – Directorate 1 (I-Tone) vs Serpong Game 4
13-Sep BM – Syahdan vs Square Game 3
16-Sep IT – Directorate 1 (I-Tone) vs BM – Syahdan Game 3
17-Sep Serpong vs Square Game 2
18-Sep IT – Directorate 1 (I-Tone) vs Square Game 3
19-Sep Serpong vs BM – Syahdan Game 2
Juara Pool A
Game 2
Runner-up B
Juara Pool B
Game 3
Runner-up A

Ø  Putri

A1 Lab Sisfo
A2 Stingers Female Volleyball Club
A4 WR 2
A5 Finance
12-Sep Lab Sisfo vs Stingers Female Volleyball Club Game 1
12-Sep SERPONG vs WR 2 Game 2
13-Sep Lab Sisfo vs Finance Game 1
13-Sep Stingers Female Volleyball Club vs SERPONG Game 2
16-Sep Lab Sisfo vs WR 2 Game 1
17-Sep Stingers Female Volleyball Club vs Finance Game 1
18-Sep Lab Sisfo vs SERPONG Game 1
19-Sep WR 2 vs Finance Game 1
20-Sep Stingers Female Volleyball Club vs WR 2 Game 1
23-Sep SERPONG vs Finance Game 1