1st Day of Welcoming Days


BINUS INTERNATIONAL proudly presents ‘Welcoming Days’! This annual event routinely held at The Joseph Wibowo Center campus has become a tradition for BINUS INTERNATIONAL to welcome college freshmen. Considering the increasing number of new students each year, almost all classrooms are used for a series of activities during the event.

Tuesday (September 10th) was the first day of Welcoming Days. The campus lobby immediately became colorful thanks to nearly 400 college freshmen of BINUS INTERNATIONAL who were required to wear tops with certain colors determined by the university. Take the new students of the School of Art and Design for example, they looked cheerful in orange-colored tops.

Starting from 7.30am, the agenda began with gathering students at the lobby before dividing them into several groups based on their desirable majors. Then, it continued with a video showcase and a greeting speech by Executive Dean of BINUS INTERNATIONAL. The climax of Welcoming Days was unique with various games used to play during Indonesian Independence Day celebration. (Karunia Fransiska)