“A wise person continuously sees risks as opportunities, not threats”

Ferdinand Sadeli: “A wise person continuously sees risks as opportunities, not threats”

“A wise person continuously sees risks as opportunities, not threats.” The statement loudly stated by Sinarmasland’s Executive Director Ferdinand Sadeli seemed becoming a reflection, judging from the enthusiasm of the participants at the Talking with the Expert event. This seminar event was held at the BBS Executive Education Campus, room 310, on Thursday, August 29th 2013.

At the seminar titled “Fundamental of Corporate Financial Strategy”, Ferdinand seemed to act as a facilitator who was trying to invite common people and businesspeople to start composing a better financial management strategy. And he didn’t stop at that, Ferdinand also realised that now the huge need of US dollars was also caused by the high rate of import fee. This was the reason why the strength rupiah’s value exchange was decreasing. For that reason Ferdinand hoped that starting from now businesspeople must try looking at risks not just as threats, but as opportunities to maintain a sustainable business. .

Ferdinand also added that the most important thing needed in running a business was the courage to make a decision by researching it first and then compiling a strategy to see opportunities amidst the unstable economy such as now. Besides that, it will be effective if the government starts to play a role in creating policies that will save current conditions and work as an indicator for businesspeople in projecting their future business steps.

“The “Talk with the Expert” is a monthly event held to highlight the excellence of MM BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, mainly the MM Applied Finance, to the society in the midst of many competitors out there. So we don’t only give a lecturer-student interaction in a class room, but we also facilitate cooperation with many practitioners who are expert in their own fields,” explained Binsar Socrates, Assistant Marketing Manager for BBS & EE DRM to Innovation.

(Karunia Fransiska)