Increase Your Working Performance

Increase Your Working Performance by Joining the CISA Review Program BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL – Executive Education

“Education is not alienating someone from his/her environment or from the natural process and talents. It’s a process that empowers the basic and natural potential so that the person can actualise him/herself positively for both personal and other people’s benefit,” said Butet Manurung, the educational figure that had become a hero in Jambi’s remote tribes. Her statement reflected the enthusiasm of the participants in the Executive Briefing CISA®. The interactive dialogue was held at BBS – Executive Education Campus, room 302 on Thursday, August 29th 2013.

In the two-hour event, Perdana Sastra (Vice President of CIMB Niaga) who was the facilitator in the event asked the participants to find out more about CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and the benefits that the participants would receive if they joined the CISA Review Program at the BINUS Business School – Executive Education. The participants were coming from different professions: auditors, accounting, etc.

Perdana also added that by following the CISA Review Program at BINUS Business School – Executive Education, the participants will get a reputable reputation in Audit Information System and become professionals in monitoring and security. Not only that, the participants are also expected to increase their performance in their working world so they will be able to get promotions in their offices.

Perdana’s various experiences and extensive knowledge about CISA were able to attract the participants to join in the CISA Review Program. Irfan Dwi Aji was one of them. A staff at Bank Bukopin, he explained that he came to the CISA Review Program to see the prospects and exams of the program. Irfan also added that after he listened to Perdana’s explanation, he was more interested into joining the CISA Review Program.

A similar thing was expressed by Juniardy Pasaribu, a staff in one of the IT companies in Jakarta. Juniardy said that he joined in the CISA Review Program because by taking CISA, there would be a wide opportunity to improve his career.

“We, as the organisers of the Executive Briefing CISA® expected that by joining into the CISA Review Program, the participants will gain deeper knowledge about the techniques and principles of the Audit Information System,” added Didik, one of the organisers. (Karunia Fransiska)