Info Session for MM Young Professional Program

“BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL alumni are not analysts, but they are specialists!”

Robert AB, a lecturer in MM Creative Marketing, stated that BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL alumni were specialists and not analysts at the Info Session for the MM Young Professional Program, held by BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL on Tuesday, September 10th 2013. The two-session event was started with a presentation by Dr. Stephanus Remond Waworuntu, MBA, who gave an overall explanation about the MM Young Professional Program.

After the explanation from Dr. Stephanus, the audience who was present that evening got a chance to consult him regarding their future major selection at BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL. To enhance the productivity of the consultation, the audience was separated into two groups, based on their preferred major, either from the School of Marketing or the School of Management.

Ari Barkah Djamil, the moderator of the School of Management revealed that he prioritized more to the audience. In the consultation session, Ari asked the audience whether they were confident to continue their study while working at the same time.

“During the consultation session, I stressed several times to the audience that they should be sure about their decision to continue studying, whether they were prepared to properly divide their time or not. Because the lecturers at BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL care about their progress while they’re studying” explained Ari.

Separately, Robert AB as the moderator of the School of Marketing created a cozy atmosphere in his consultation session with the participants. Robert held the session not in a classroom, but on the sofas outside the classroom. Furthermore, Robert explained that he tended to apply the experience learning approach to the participants of the consultation.

“Here I stressed that BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL doesn’t sell diplomas but we give knowledge. And I don’t want to make unrealistic promises with simple lectures. Therefore, when they have graduated from BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, they will become specialists, not analysts. Because BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL always tries to produce marketing masters,” said Robert.

Among the participants from the School of Management in the consultation, was Randy, an employee at PT INDOMALCO INFO CENTER who said that the explanation from Ari Barkah was very interesting and every question in Randy’s mind had been answered. “I got news about the Info Session event from the website and I immediately called BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL to confirm the details of the event. My first impression about the service of BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL was good because BINUS provided accurate information in a friendly manner when I made the call. It seems simple but that simple thing has convinced me to decide to continue studying at BINUS.” (Karunia Fransiska)