With Strong Commitment and Fighting Spirit, They Can

When people said that strong commitment, spirit, anthusiasm, and excitement are enough to reach whatever goal we set, we better believe it. Because out there, we can easily find the evidence of the proverbial. And Bina Nusantara (Binus) Corporate is one of them.

This, we discovered, at the comparative study that we’ve done on last Thursday (17/4/14). Vice Rector Global Employability & Entrepreneurship Binus University Mr. Dr. Boto Simatupang, Mr. Siswanto, and Mr. Jajat Sudrajat were kindly enough to have YPT-YSPT party (Director of Higher Education Mr. Dr. Yudi Pramudiana, Vice Rector II Telkom University Mr. Hendratno, SE. Akt., M.M., Vice President Business Performance & Evaluation Mrs. Nina Kurnia Hikmawati, Vice President Educational Performance Measurement & Evaluation Mr. Jauharun Ni’am, Pj. Asman Purel YPT Lia Marlia) at Kampus Anggrek Binus University Jln. Kebon Jeruk Jakarta.

In 40 years, Binus Corporate has successfully transformed from a small computer course institution in a garage, into a giant international educational institution. Binus Corporate today runs international schools (from kinderganden to senior high school in Serpong and Simprug), Binus University, Binus International University, Binus Business School, and Binus Center. They apply 5 spirit in their organization, such as: Trust In GOD, Freedom to Innovate, Farsighted, Tenacious Focus, and Embrace Diversity. Every employees and students in Binus must understand the value of the founder’s struggle to see how big it is the work they’ve been doing.

As an international education institution, Binus Corporate has spread it’s network in 27 countries in 4 continents, by cooperated with at least 70 university. Binus also pioneered the “National University Network Indonesia” activity, that had been followed by 21 universities in Indonesia. Binus has applied quality management system based on ISO 9001 many years ago, and improved their education quality and service using Malcolm Baldridge standard by the year of 2008. The operating system between Binus Corporate and educational institutions managed by the principle of SODA or Sentralisasi Operasi dan Desentralisasi Akademik (Operational Centralize and Academic Decentralize).

Like Telkom Foundation, Binus also learn how to recruits students all over Indonesia by working with the educational communities. They placed marketing staff in 30 potential cities around Indonesia. Mr. Boto said ideally all freshmen live in students dormitory at Binus Square, but until now the square capacity hasn’t sufficient yet with the number of the freshmen.

Unfortunately, in term of endowment, Binus as inexperience as YPT-YSPT. They tried to collect endowment by some activities, but it hasn’t bring a big number of endowment yet. So, even Binus now still count on tuition fee for their operational cost.

After two hours meeting, Mr. Yudi finds that YPT-YSPT and Binus has the same concept in term of educational institution management. What YPT-YSPT can learn from Binus are their strong commitment and high spirit to fight for their goals.***

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