Backgrounds and Purpose


  • One of Bina Nusantara’s quality culture is continuous improvement in whatever we do which translates into our rigorous approach to always make things better and do things right as proven by our ISO certification. This strong sense of quality and innovation also captured as one of Bina Nusantara’s core competencies – Innovation/Continuous Improvement.
  • This culture actually prepares Bina Nusantara to be a learning organization which is a solid foundation for Bina Nusantara to always respond to its challenges and opportunities.



  • Board of Management agrees that Bina Nusantara should give appreciation for BiNusian who demonstrate quality and innovation that brings values to Bina Nusantara
  • To cultivate the innovation culture in every BINUS business units and directorates
  • To collect and implement innovative ideas that are align with organization strategy