JOVED 2014: Teams From UI, Binus Intl, Brawijaya Still Unbeaten After R4

Two teams from reigning champion Universitas Indonesia came to the 18th Java Overland Varsities English Debate with a mission to keep the trophy for the third consecutive year. Since the first time JOVED ran in 1997, UI has won 7 out of 17 editions but never three in a row. After 4 rounds of JOVED 2014 yesterday, one team from UI are still unbeaten. A team each from Binus International and Universitas Brawijaya, which have never championed JOVED, also boast clean sheets. There will be 2 more preliminary rounds today before the octofinals. There are 46 teams competing in this year’s JOVED, the first debating tournament in Indonesia that used an internationally accepted format. JOVED 2014 is taking place at Universitas PGRI Semarang.

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