Feleri’s achievement is admirable. Due to her persistence and perseverance in studying, she has successfully completed her study in the postgraduate program majoring Business Management, BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL (BBS), at a young age, 21 years old. Because of this achievement, Feleri was inducted the youngest graduate of postgraduate programme in the 52nd BINUS UNIVERSITY Graduation Day, located in Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Thursday (30/7).

Named the youngest graduate of postgraduate program, Feleri admitted that she was happy. She felt that her years of struggle finally pays off. Nevertheless, becoming the youngest graduate was not her main goal. All Feleri did was studying her lessons as best as she could as based on her intentions to study.

“There are no tricks to this. The important thing is to be able to manage my time well and stay focus to the learning objectives,” said Feleri.

A good time management is Feleri’s primary weapon in achieving her goals. Feleri knew this long before. She admitted to be an active person and easily get bored with something. An example for this is her decision to advance her study in the postgraduate programme. That decision, as Feleri herself admitted, was not without boredom that came to her while she was working for her previous office.

Therefore, she tried to find another activity to overcome her boredom and bring positive development for herself at once. As a person who had been thirsty for science since attending school, without thinking further, Feleri decided to continue her education to a higher level.

Although she has decided to continue her education, Feleri did not necessarily release her routines as a staff in the company where she worked previously. In the middle of her busy work, Feleri was still able to attend the lecture well.

Eventually, Feleri’s wholeheartedness into any of her work resulted in her success in completing the postgraduate programme on time with a GPA above average, 3.69. (RAW)