The face of Layaliya Nadhira Putri was full of happiness that night, as if she couldn’t hide the fact that she reached one of the great accomplishments in life. Layalia was announced as the best graduate with the highest GPA in Creative Marketing program, Master of Management BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL (BBS). The 52th graduation of BINUS UNIVERSITY was held last Thursday (30/7).

“I feel so happy tonight. (I’m) Really grateful I could graduate with satisfactory result and could celebrate it with my friends and family,” said Layaliya who came with her parents and siblings that evening.

The presence of that family attracted attention to some people who also attended the graduation at Plenary Hall of Jakarta Convention Center that day. It was because of Soetrisno Bachir, a famous businessman and a politician from one of big parties in Indonesia, the father of Layaliya.

With her black toga, Layaliya appeared simple and friendly. This woman often smiled around, greeted her friends, and sometimes joined them to have “groupfie.” Maybe, since Layaliya had already been joyful, she admitted not knowing her GPA (3.84) was the highest. “Honestly, I didn’t know that my GPA is the highest in my program,” she admitted.

On that occasion, Layaliya wanted to focus being grateful and celebrating her success in graduating from Master’s degree.

Learn Creative Marketing as a Plan to Develop Business

Being a daughter of a successful businessman in the country doesn’t make Layaliya spoiled with easy opportunities around her. She keeps working hard to improve her self-quality either by running a business or getting education as high as possible. It is believed that this principle made Layaliya successfully achieving the highest score in the university.

Layaliya admitted that since the beginning of her study, she only focused to study well. She did not think to have personal ambition to become the best in her batch.

By focusing only to study, Layaliya said she could do it easily. Therefore, no wonder she had the highest GPA among her batch in the program of Creative Marketing. “I always say to myself to continue study in university because I want to gain more knowledge, not getting the highest score. Focus to study made me getting good scores,” explained Layaliya.

Her decision to take the program of Creative Marketing was due to her passion in entrepreneurship. Her entrepreneurship skill is often said coming from her father who originated in Pekalongan, Central Java, where the majority are entrepreneurs.

Having industrial design as her previous education background, Layaliya thought that her knowledge to run a business was not much. Although she had been good for technical things, for marketing she had needed to learn more.

Layaliya also realized that in this competitive era, the condition for business was getting tougher, so she had to know the marketing strategy in depth. She chose BBS as a trusted educational institution to study marketing.

“I’ve been interested in creative marketing for years. That’s why I really wanted to learn this subject deeper. And in BBS, here, I could get applicative learning materials which are suitable for today’s business,” said Layaliya.

For the future ahead, one of her plans is expanding her business fields. For the last several years, Layaliya has been running a business of interior design, and later she would like to have a culinary business.

“Not only to develop business, I also plan to apply the knowledge I’ve got and test my business skills,” said Layaliya.

On that day, the father also looked happy for his daughter’s accomplishment. Soetrisno is proud of his daughter because she could finish her master’s degree. “I’m proud of Layaliya. She could be a good example for her younger brothers and sisters,” said Soetrisno Bachir.

Moreover, Soetrisno hoped that the knowledge Layaliya gained wouldn’t be vanished. He advised his daughter to share her knowledge frequently as a guest lecturer in BINUS (like she did once) and also other universities. (RAW)