The development of technology spreads to various sectors. It is believed that one day the world will be full-tech in each aspect of humans’ life. Reading is the eye of the world, but not all people have time to read. Not all people also want to bother bringing a book or magazine wherever they go. The most reason is not all people want to spend their money just for reading.

To answer the need and break the limitation for the sake of modern people, BINUS MEDIA PUBLISHING now presents the magazine of BINUS INTERNATIONAL – INNOVATION at SCOOP application.

SCOOP is a digital magazine and newspaper kiosk which could be downloaded free from your smart phone. By having INNOVATION at SCOOP, INNOVATION answers three above problems. Now, BINUSIAN could fit reading your favorite magazine into your busy schedule via mobile phone. The availability of INNOVATION at SCOOP will also be handy for BINUSIAN. Readers don’t need to bring the physical magazine wherever you go, but only access your smart phone. INNOVATION at SCOOP is a free download, so it doesn’t cost you a thing to read it.

You could get much information from INNOVATION. It saves time and costs zero. What’re you waiting for? Download INNOVATION at SCOOP right away. How to?

  1. For PC you could download it at
  2. For Android and iOS you could download it at SCOOP (the application could be downloaded free at Apps Store or iTunes). After the installation is done, download INNOVATION by choosing Magazines and Free.

BINUSIAN, let’s download INNOVATION on SCOOP. With reading we could open the window of the world, and with technology we could grasp the world.  View the world and grasp it by reading through this technology. Be a part of smart modern community! (AS)