Advice For Working Permit Holders

The Do’s and Don’ts of confrontation with the governmental authorities:



Do make photocopies of your passport, limited stay permit and Police Registration Cards. Always carry copies of the documentation at all times. If the authorities ask for any of your original documents (such as Passport, limited stay permit card and Police Registration Certificate). Don’t let them keep these documents without providing a clear reason. If it does happen, you should ask for the name of the officer and contact Human Capital asap.
If there is a spot check by the authorities, and you have to deal with them yourself, Do tell them to come back another day as the person in charge is not in the office. Do call the agent straight away and mention their presence at the office. If the authorities check your documentation, Don’t say anything if you are not sure and Don’t be afraid; after all you are legally authorized to work in Indonesia.
If you are confronted by the authorities in a public area, Do call the agent or someone from BINUS Human Capital and advise them of the problem. Don’t try to be clever or say amusing things about yourself in an effort to ingratiate yourself with the authorities.

Don’t give out any name cards that show information not stated on your limited stay permit card to strangers you meet.