Formalities in BINUS

Confirmation to Join BINUS

After you agree to join BINUS, BINUS will process the formalities. The processes for getting the documents are:

No Document

Softcopy/Scan from

Original Document

(full color)

Hardcopy/Original Remark
1 Curriculum Vitae


Check mark symbol Updated CV, in .doc or .pdf.

Completed with personal information, email address, Indonesia and overseas address.

2 Passport (full color and all pages) Check mark symbol Minimum remaining validation period for 18 months and have more than 10 blank pages.

Scan of all pages, including blank pages in full color.

3 Medical certificate Check mark symbol Health certificate from hospital stating that you do not have any serious illnesses, including not using drugs (narcotics) and no HIV, completed by lab result.

Highly suggested to be taken at local public hospital.

Should undergo the test at State/Government hospital if you take the test in Indonesia.

4 Certificates and transcript record of formal education

(Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degree)

Check mark symbol All education certificates and transcripts in scanned color.

Should be completed by legalized English/Indonesian translation, should the original issued is non-English.

5 Teaching certificate Check mark symbol The teaching certificate issued by the authorize entity that mentioned you are allow to teach or have passed any test for teaching purposes.

Please submit it to us if you have such teaching certificate.

6 Letter of Employment Check mark symbol Certificate of employment form all of previous employer(s) and current employer. Should use letterhead and stamped.
7 Photograph Check mark symbol Wearing formal dress/shirt with collar; with red color background.
8 Insurance membership Check mark symbol Evidence of insurance membership
9 Address Indonesia address and overseas permanent address.



  • Extension of KITAS

 When the formalities are approaching the expiration date, you have to Human Capital division immediately and submit:

  1. Passport (with minimum validity period of 18 (eighteen) months)
  2. KITAS
  3. Domicile Letter

If you are late to submit the formalities, and the formalities are already expired or approaching the validity date, you should submit original passport and KITAS to Human Capital division as soon as possible. And should there were additional charges from the Immigration due to the late formalities submission by the expatriate, you will have to bear the additional charges.

  • Lost Documents

    If you loose the formalities due to missing or stolen or any other reason due to the negligence, these are the following step that you should follow:

  1. Go to the nearest Police Station and ask a statement letter that you have lost your documents.
  2. Inform Human Capital Staff immediately.
  3. Submit the statement letter from the Police to Human Capital Division.
  4. Human Capital Division will start to Process for the new formalities. And the charges for processing the new formalities will be at your own cost and not BINUS.
  •  Move to Another Residence

If you plan to move or already moved to another residence that occurs within the working contract period, you should inform Human Capital immediately.

In the event of any self initiated address changes is proposed by you in the middle of working contract without any prior notification before the working contract starts, and which require any expenses to adjust the temporary residence permit and/or any other related formalities, you shall bear any cost incurred for changes of such documents.

Human Capital division will process the mutation for your Formalities to the new address. It will take 5 (five) working days for the change address process.

The documents you need to submit to Human Capital division are:

  1. Passport
  2. KITAS
  3. SKTT
  4. Dimicile Letter
  • Renewal Of The Passport

If your passport book is renewed or extended, you should inform Human Capital division immediately. The expatriate is the party who will do the extension or renewal process. The expense of this extension or renewal is on your own account. Human Capital division will process the mutation for your Formalities. It will take 5 (five) working days for the mutation process.

The documents you need to submit to Human Capital division are:

  1. Old Passport Book
  2. New Passport Book
  3. KITAS

Please note that some countries require some blank pages in the passport book for the visa application purposes.

  • Children Birth Registration

If the expatriate children born In Indonesia, the parents should do:

  1. Process birth certificate (Akte Lahir) within 14 days after born date to The Civil Registry Office
  2. Birth registration in Immigration
  3. Birth certificate Legalization in Ministry Of Law and Human Rights
  4. Process children passport
  5. Process children KITAS within 60 days after born date

The required documents for birth certificate issuance The Civil Registry Office:

  1. Original request letter
  2. Original Birth Certificate from the Hospital
  3. Copy of Marriage certificate (in Indonesia)
  4. Copy Of parents passport, KITAS, ITA Online stamp
  5. Copy of parents SKTT (Temporary Residence card)
  6. Copy of domicile letter
  7. Sponsor letter from company and parents


The required documents for birth registration in Immigration:

  1. Original birth Certificate from The Civil Registry Office
  2. Original parents’ passport and KITAS
  3. Original Marriage certificate
  4. Original request letter
  5. Copy of birth certificate from the hospital
  6. Copy of parents IMTA


The required documents for KITAS processing:

  1. Original request letter
  2. Original children passport
  3. Copy of parents IMTA
  4. Copy of parents passport ,KITAS, ITAS online stamp

All above mentioned process can be processed with support from agent who has been appointed by BINUS. The Required additional document is an authorization letter for the appointed agent.


Leaving BINUS

When the contract is expired, the sponsorship will end and BINUS will conduct the EPO (Exit Permit Only) process. The process will take approximately 2 (two) to 4 (four) working days. After you have the EPO, you have to leave Indonesia within the specified period stated in the EPO stamp (maximum 7 (seven) calendar days). You have to pay a penalty if you leave Indonesia more than the maximum date as mentioned in the EPO stamp.

For this EPO process, the documents you have to submit to Human Capital division are:

  1. Passport
  2. KITAS
  3. SKTT

Trip for Visa Processing

You have to apply for the visa at an Indonesian Embassy. We suggest applying this visa at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore. BINUS has a visa consultant in Singapore who will assist expatriates to get the working visa. This is a same-day process. Requirements to obtain the working visa are:

  1. Sponsor letter from BINUS;
  2. Passport;
  3. Telex (BINUS will provide)
  4. Photo, 1 (one) piece passport size with red background.

If you apply for  visa at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, submit the required documents to our agent before 10 am (Monday to Friday) and you will receive the visa in the evening by the latest at 6 pm.

In conclusion, herewith the expatriate formalities process and documents that you should submit:

expatriate flow