Speech of Ir. Bernard Gunawan at Nobel Laureate, BINUS University

Good afternoon and best wishes to you all!

ASEAN “Bridges” program of the International Peace Foundation facilitates communication to promote understanding and trust. The 6th series taking place in the first quarter of 2017 brings 7 Nobel Laureates to 12 prestigious Indonesian universities including BINUS UNIVERSITY.

Global community admires ASEAN for its rapid boom over the last two decades. ASEAN is now the 7th largest economy in the world comprising of 10 countries. As power comes with responsibility, the same global community observes ASEAN cooperation within and with partners across the globe. We must carefully manage the region’s diversity to employ its social capital for development.

With six religions and over 700 dialects, Indonesia embodies this diversity – Legatum Institute ranks Indonesia among the top countries for the potential of its social capital. For the diversity to turn into capital we have to ensure we promote the values our nation has been built on – unity in diversity. For this, we must engage in the dialogue with people from different backgrounds.

This is why BINUS UNIVERSITY considers global mindset to be one of the core competencies our students must acquire. 100% of our graduates get international experience by the time they graduate. This “Bridges” event is one of the many ways we ensure our students engage in discussions across borders.

Today, Prof. Sheldon L. Glashow, awarded Nobel Prize for his contributions to the standard model of particle physics, looks at the history of this scientific field. Along the way, he demonstrates that applied and basic science drive one another in creating technologies used around the world today. While applied and basic sciences are often perceived as worlds apart, Prof. Sheldon L. Glashow demonstrates points of mutual influence and co-growth.

The visit of 7 Nobel Laureates to Indonesia is also an inspiration to our country for stronger dedication to impactful research. BINUS UNIVERSITY is committed to the provision of high quality education as well as professional knowledge services. We have established a close relationship with the industry. One reason is to make sure our students get market relevant education. Equally important is to facilitate collaboration for marketable innovations.

We must work together to keep strengthening Indonesia’s contribution to the world of science and technology through the increasing number of scientific journals published and patent output.

I sincerely hope that this extraordinary opportunity to speak to Prof. Sheldon L. Glashow will inspire you, educators, researchers, and industry partners to build collaboration across borders in conducting research that drives our society forward in terms of social, intellectual and economic capital.

Dear students,

I here with invite you to pursue advanced degrees and careers in research and development. Thank you Prof. Sheldon L. Glashow and the International Peace Foundation for this opportunity to host you at BINUS UNIVERSITY today.

As event sponsors, we show dedication to the mission of the “Bridges” series, which is reflected in our own vision – the world class knowledge institution in continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence.

We are honored to be a part of this event series together with the other prominent Indonesian universities. Joint participation demonstrates mutual dedication to peace and innovation for continued growth of our country and the region.

We hope this event will help us develop even deeper friendships and collaboration.


Thank You!