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Ambassador Of The Unites States To The Republic Of Indonesia Visits BINUS INTERNATIONAL
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Ambassador Of The Unites States To The Republic Of Indonesia Visits BINUS INTERNATIONAL

Entrepreneur plays an important role in building the economic strength of a country. A developed country has many entrepreneurs. One of the developed countries in the world is the United States.

With the population beyond 300 million of people, the US is predicted having more than 37 million of entrepreneurs at the moment – or approximately 12% of the total population. Actually, one of the conditions for a country considered developed is having entrepreneurs minimum 2% of the total population. The US certainly exceeds that number, and no wonder that country becomes one of the economic strengths in the world.

How could the US produce a lot of entrepreneurs? What influences do the entrepreneurs make to the US economy so that the country could be one of the world’s economic powers? How could the entrepreneurs save their nation from the economic crisis during 2008-2009 and the upcoming years?

BINUS INTERNATIONAL, through Business Management and Marketing program, get a precious opportunity to know deeper about what the Unites States have been done to strengthen their economy with entrepreneurial spirits by having the Ambassador of the United States to the Republic of Indonesia, Robert O. Blake, Jr., tomorrow, 30 April 2015.

This is also a chance for BINUSIAN at Joseph Wibowo Center campus to know closer Ambassador Blake who has served many major positions in the governance and many countries.

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